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~ marketing strategies that are working RIGHT NOW

~ how to draw your ideal clients and customers to you

~ how to easily build an email list of potentials clients and customers

~ how to attract targeted traffic to your website

~ the easiest ways to leverage your time so everything you do does double or triple duty

~ what resources and tools are the best of the best, especially if you're new in business

~ how to make more sales with simple systems

~ how to make your business run with much less effort

~ how to work less and make more money

~ and much more...

But don't take MY word for it! Here are just a few words of praise I’ve received about my ezine over the past year…

"Alicia, when I first started out looking for information about online marketing, I signed up for about a dozen newsletters. What I found is that even among the 'big boys,' yours is the most user-friendly and comprehensive out there. I've applied more of your tips than I can count and because of that I now have a fantastic 'pink spoon,' my first e-book is selling great and I have a growing list of warm prospects who receive my newsletter. Thank you, Alicia!"
~ Elizabeth Chamberlain

"I look forward to the Client Abundance newsletter each week since it always contains clear, actionable suggestions to increase the revenues in my business. Abundance is about more than money, and Alicia demonstrates that in her positive mental attitude and focus on having a great life, not just making a great living."
~ Pamela Slim

"Alicia, the tips and articles you offer in your newsletter "Client Abundance" has proven to increase my success and productivity time and time again. They are so simple and easy to implement! Thank you, it's just what I need!"
~ Sandra De Freitas

"I consider your Newsletter as one of the top marketing newsletters that I consistently read."
~ Robert Lowe RSL Marketing

"I look forward to reading "Client Abundance" every Sunday. Each article is short, concise and valuable. Alicia is an outstanding educator and I've watched my business grow in a very short time thanks to her wise advice."
~ Katyayani Poole, Ph.D.

"Of all the newsletter I receive, "Client Abundance" is my first read each issue. Each time I impelment what I have learned, my business shifts positively. Thanks for what you do!"
~ CeCe Converse, CPCC

"Alicia, your "Client Abundance" newsletter is always a welcome event - I read it right away, bookmark it for great ideas, and always file it so I can refer to it time and time again. Great job! Please keep up the great work!"
~ Mary McDonald, CEO, McDonald Consulting Group

"I get almost a dozen different newsletters for solo-preneurs and "Client Abundance" by Alicia Forest is the only one that I make sure to read every week. It's quick, to the point, and full of great ideas."
~ Megan Potter

"I look forward to Alicia's ezine each week: It is written from the heart and full of great tips to grow your business. Since subscribing to Alicia's newsletter, I've learned that marketing can actually be FUN!"
~ Lisa Miles Brady (coming soon)

"I look forward to your ezine every week! I love the practical, real advice!"
~ Laura Howard West, The Center for Joyful Business

"Your "Client Abundance" newsletter is one of my favourite newsletters, and I regularly take the time to read and digest the information. I love the personality you put into it, especially updating us about Chloe. I have a folder which I keep your newsletters in, so that I don't 'accidentally' delete them!"
~ Tracey Lawton

"I have found the "Client Abundance" newsletter to be extremely helpful. I've only just starting building my coaching practice and this gives me exactly the type of marketing help I need!"
~ Karen Field

"Alicia has an engaging and fun writing style as well as really solid, easy-to-implement suggestions for improving various aspects of online business and marketing. In fact, I rank her "Client Abundance" newsletter as one of the top marketing newsletters I receive. I've implemented - easily and successfully - more of her online marketing ideas than I can count!!"
~ Grace L. Judson, Svaha Concepts,

"I always take the time to read Alicia's "Client Abundance" newsletter. She offers great tips, strategies tools and programs that have made a big difference in my online marketing success."
~ Terri Gibbons Cleanse Coach

"Your "Client Abundance" newsletter is great. Thanks for all the useful tips and ideas to help grow my online business."
~ Sharon Odam

"With the huge number of newsletters that I receive, "Client Abundance" is one of the first ones that I read."
~Andrea Scott Brown &

"I love your ezine. You have such practical tips that are easy and cost-effective to implement. I've learnt a lot from you since I've been subscribed, so thanks very much."
~ Marcia Francois

"I devour every copy of Client Abundance. I always know it's coming on Sunday, so I enjoy my copy with my morning coffee :) The easy-to-read articles always have great ideas and practical tips that can be easily implemented into any solo-business!"
~ Jenn Givler, Business Empowerment Coach

"I've been looking at the "Client Abundance" site for some time now, & find it delightful! The information is sound, accessible, and offered in a manner I find appealing."
~ Gloria Singer Affinity Coaching & Consulting

"I find Alicia's newsletters to be practical, easy to understand and easy to implement while still being challenging."
~ Marian Kerr Contemplate Life Coaching New Zealand

"I always look forward to Alicia's Client Abundance newsletter. It's got a great combination of information and products, and is always a good read!"
~ Anne Walsh

"The only email I await eagerly on Sunday's mornings is Alicia's. She gives me such concrete and great ideas I immediately and easily can apply during the week, making me stay in touch with my clients in very creative ways. Thanks!"
~ Ana Perusquia

"Alicia's "Client Abundance" newsletter is filled with simple but effective tips that are easy to implemement. It is constantly inspiratonal. Thank you."
~ Karen Mann

"Most of my email is a burden....not interesting, not requested... I welcome Alicia's newsletter! She always has valuable information included and I love the personal touch of talking about her family."
~ Suzanne Holman. MAEd

"Your "Client Abundance" newsletter always contains at least one idea I can implement immediately. I particularly like the way you allow your warmth and caring come through your writing."
~ Gail Cassidy

"I always enjoy getting your Client Abundance newsletter. It is one I always am sure to open and read. It always has some great practical tips on how to be successful online. I definitely recommend it to others."
~ Lori Arriaga

"I have found your marketing newsletter to be one of the most easily read and comprehended of the ones that I've received. Your information is invaluable and original. Keep up the good work."
~ Ruth Russell-Stern, Ph.D.

"Your Client Abundance newsletter is a welcome sight in my inbox every Sunday morning. It's a weekly ritual that I grab my cup of coffee and have a relaxing break reading your newsletter. There's something of value in every edition! Keep up the great work."
~ Donna Toothaker

"Your Client Abundance newsletter is always warm and friendly with the added bonus of having much useful information. Your articles are thought-provoking and inspire many great ideas. I look forward to receiving it!"
~ Felicia Slattery,

And just a few words about "6 Keys to Creating Wild Abundance in Your Business", too...

"Alicia’s 5 Keys puts a fresh slant on tackling the marketing challenge for solo entrepreneurs. I love how she begins in a totally unexpected place (I won’t ruin the surprise!) instead of the usual “go do market research” starting point. The rest of the steps are nicely laid out in a way that is clear, easy to follow, and even fun! If you’ve struggled with traditional approaches, give Alicia’s new perspective a try.”
~ Terri Zwierzynski

I just finished reading the last installment of the Keys to Wild Abundance e-course. I am absolutely on fire!!! Your advice is sound, and the course provided me with practical tools that I can (and will) begin implementing into my business TODAY!!! I am absolutely so excited about what you've shared. I am already thinking of products I can add to my funnel! The great thing is, I KNOW I can follow your program - because like I said, it's practical! I'm not a marketing guru by any means, but this - I can do! THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing such a WONDERFUL e-course!"
~ Jenn Givler, Business Empowerment Coach

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